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Quality and manufacturing

At Grupo Jover we design, we produce and we market textile products for decoration and technical fabrics since 1965. We are committed to our customers, to exceed their expectations every day, offering them the best quality, innovative and design fabrics, which we produce in our factory in Spain, passing strict quality controls.

We also have a commitment to the environment and we have a vocation for sustainable manufacturing: energy, raw materials and production processes are governed by the desire to protect the environment.

"We produce quality, innovative and
stylish fabrics since 1965"

Our well-equipped facilities and our vocation allow us to be flexible, provide quick solutions and adapt quickly to the needs of our customers, also offering a custom-made service.

This is possible because we have, in a single industrial site, control of all the processes: from the birth of the idea, in the design and R+D+I departments, to the entire production process.

"Our facilities allow us to have
control of all production processes"

We have the newest technology in our facilities, which contain a machine plant for yarn processing, a loom plant, a plant with finishing and dyeing sections for fabrics and yarns. We have also recently started up an innovative digital fabric printing section.

All our processes follow a strict quality control to ensure the best products for our customers and our machinery is controlled by experts.

"All our processes follow a strict quality
control to ensure the best products for our
customers and our machinery is controlled by experts"

The company has its own internal laboratories to ensure the quality of our products:

  • Physical laboratory. We do several tests related to the physical features of the fabric, such as: resistance to abrasion (Martindale test), pilling test, light fastness, colour resistance, yarn resistance, washing shrinkage...
  • Fire laboratory. We test the fabrics according to the different International Standards such as: C1, M1, IMO, American Standard, Italian Standard...
  • Dying laboratory. Here we do the samples for new colours and new developments, also we do the analysis of the waste and water.

In the production processes we pay the maximum attention to the environment. All the water we use is treated afterwards in our own purifying plant. The thermal energy and the electricity come from our cogeneration plant and from our own rooftop photovoltaic power station (the biggest in Spain), with the ISO 14001 Certificate guaranteeing the correct management and respect of the environment.

"In the production processes we pay the
maximum attention to the environment"

Since our beginnings, we have paid special attention to the quality of textiles and care of the environment, assuming the following commitments.

  • Satisfying the expectations of our customers, with textile products that stand out for their quality, variety, design and innovation.
  • Optimizing quality control, as well as customer attention and service.
  • Developing ecofriendly textiles, taking into account their environmental impact and a strict control towards its minimization.
  • Protection of the Environment by preventing and minimizing the waste production, discharges and emissions generation.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements as any other requirement applicable to our activity.
  • Assurance of the well-being of our staff and their total integrity, through prevention, evaluation, training and active participation.
  • Promotion of energy efficiency through cogeneration and the exploitation of renewable energies, through photovoltaic plants. Achieving the generation of more than 60% or our energy consumption.
  • Prioritization of those equipment, raw materials and auxiliaries, of the highest quality, and the lowest possible environmental impact.
  • Use of innovative and non-polluting technologies, preventing and / or reducing any possible pollution.

Quality and safety guarantee | JOVER more than 50 years manufacturing fabrics in Spain

Learn more about the Jover Group and its longer than half a century manufacturing experience. We do all of the production processes in our vertically integrated production plant, where we have more than 29,000 square meters equipped with the latest technology available. We take care of the environment and have been awarded for our constant commitment to sustainability. We have the ISO 14001 certification. Working with Jover guarantees quality and safety.



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Francisco Jover S.A.

Avenida Alacant, 69
03820 Cocentaina. España
Phone: +34 965 590 507
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