Sustainability and Environmental Care

The Jover Group is firmly committed to sustainability and environment care. For this, there is an Environmental Management System, certified according to ISO 14.001 regulations by SGS since 2008 as a way of business innovation and productivity, with the involvement of all our staff. And it extends the indicated commitments to all interested parties. It also has the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AAI) certified by the Public Department of Environment Care in April 2008.

Like any company in the textile sector, we have a high energy and water consumption, and we are committed to reducing it. Having the entire production process in one location allows for a better management of the production and makes easier for us to launch initiatives to reduce consumption.

In last years, we have achieved major advances. Some figures about what we have developed and achieved:

  • Energy balance. The electrical and thermal energy produced, both in the photovoltaic plants installed on the roof, with high efficiency gas cogeneration, allows us to generate electricity and heat equivalent to 91,6% of the company's total energy consumption (2019). The electrical production generated, through renewable and highly efficient energies, is equivalent to the consumption of 1,125 households per year.
  • 100% saving of the use of fossil fuels to produce hot water, and the decrease of the Gas Natural consumption to produce steam by 21%.
  • Reduction of water consumption through improvements in facilities and processes, as well as the recovery and reuse of part of the water used. For example, in the dyeing processes the reduction of water consumption is 30%, and in the process of washing is 56%.
  • Decrease in electricity consumption of light (14%), and in air conditioning through an absorption machine linked to cogeneration.
  • The use of high efficiency equipment has meant a significant saving in energy consumption in general. For example, the reduction of 35% of energy consumption, for the generation of compressed air, thanks to the incorporation of a compressor with modular load.
  • Improvement in the process of purification and water management. We have a biological reactor wastewater treatment plant, which has been extended and improved with the incorporation of a sludge treatment system by pressing and with the installation of equipment for continuous analytical measurement.
  • The reduction of waste, discharges and emissions, such as the use of technologies of stamping by sublimation, which does not use water, and the waste that it originates are recycled.
  • Use of recycled polyester spinning obtained from PET waste (water bottles).
  • Treatment of waste generated by the activity through managers for recycling. The sludge from the treatment plant can be used in agriculture.

On March 8th, the Jover Group won the SUSTAINABILITY 2018 award granted by the textile technological institute AITEX. This award rewards our environmental management and the efforts made in the last years to develop sustainable products and processes that leave the least environmental footprint.


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