Easy clean with water

SR fabrics by Jover | Easy cleaning with only water

We have developed our SR technology so you can always keep your fabrics looking as good as new. Our SR Fabrics are very easy to clean using only water and they maintain their properties even after repeated washing.

They are perfect for upholstering furniture in busy places such as hotels, restaurants or cafés; but they are also a great way to stop worrying about stains in any home.

Soil Relesas

It is a soft fabric with very good breathability, which creates a very comfortable upholstery for any space. It also has other properties: it is antistatic and hydrophilic and it does not contain fluorocarbons, respecting our planet.

Fabrics with these properties are identified by the acronym SR, so you can easily find them using our fabrics catalogue.

Maintenance | How to remove a stain from your SR fabrics by Jover?

It is very easy to remove stains from our SR fabrics, we explain how to do it in two steps:

1. Remove the excess of waste from the fabric.
2. Apply some water and rub smoothly with a wet cloth in circles until the stain disappears. If it does not disappear immediately, repeat this step. If needed, you can add neutral soap.

Please find below how to do it in the following videos:

Demo 1: Ink

Demo 2: Oil

Demo 3: Coffee

Quality and safety guarantee | JOVER more than 50 years manufacturing fabrics in Spain

Learn more about the Jover Group and its longer than half a century manufacturing experience. We do all of the production processes in our vertically integrated production plant, where we have more than 29,000 square meters equipped with the latest technology available. We take care of the environment and have been awarded for our constant commitment to sustainability. We have the ISO 14001 certification. Working with Jover guarantees quality and safety.