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RECYCLED FABRICS by Jover | Circular economy

The Jover Group has always been firmly committed to sustainability and environment care, looking for the most efficient production systems to reduce energy as much as possible.

In addition, with the purpose of continuing to respect the environment and offer the highest quality to our customers, some of our tissue collections include recycled fabrics in order to participate in the circular economy.

"We use PET plastic bottles and used garments
to obtain polyester fiber and cotton fiber"

We use the circular economy to optimize materials and waste that have already been used, extending their useful life through reuse, repair and recycling.

1. We obtain raw materials through recycling.

2. We manufacture quality fabrics with these reused materials (which also require less consumption of energy sources for their production).

3. These fabrics are used.

4. They are recycled to start the cycle again.

Circular Economy - Linear Economy

All raw materials are recyclable, so they can be reused to produce new raw materials that will be used to develop new sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

To produce recycled fabrics we mainly use polyester fiber obtained from recycled PET plastic bottles, which are the most common. We also use cotton fiber obtained from recycling and used garments.

"We respect the environment, offering
the highest quality to our customers"

The origin of the raw materials we use is certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), which verifies environmentally responsible production practices.

Global Recycled Standard Recycled Bottle

Quality and safety guarantee | JOVER more than 50 years manufacturing fabrics in Spain

Learn more about the Jover Group and its longer than half a century manufacturing experience. We do all of the production processes in our vertically integrated production plant, where we have more than 29,000 square meters equipped with the latest technology available. We take care of the environment and have been awarded for our constant commitment to sustainability. We have the ISO 14001 certification. Working with Jover guarantees quality and safety.



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