High quality sheers from Jover

At Jover we have been manufacturing sheers and curtains for decades, adapting to the latest trends and perfecting their design to achieve the highest possible quality.

Our line of vintage sheers is one of the most demanded nowadays and is included in our Saratoga book. You can see all the references in the table below and look for them in our fabric catalogue to learn more about their design and technical characteristics.

They are very high quality fabrics, with a special vintage finish, which gives them an extra softness and a very pleasant surface. In addition, we manufacture them with polyester and linen. Thanks to the linen, the fabric has a very natural look, achieving spectacular and very natural drapes; while the polyester makes it easy to maintain.

In our Saratoga book you will find 23 different sheers. There are plain, textured, striped or embroidered, all of them available in various colours, for all styles and atmospheres.

All the fabrics of our vintage sheers are very light, with a perfect thickness that allows the light to pass through, but maintains the privacy inside the room in which they are installed. They can also be combined with more opaque curtains to achieve a very elegant atmosphere.

You can choose the sizes and order the sheers directly from JoverDecó, our web application for professionals. Their installation is very simple and they have many applications: as roller blinds, curtains or on a stick fixed to the window.

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Our most sunlight resistant fabrics

At Jover we have many collections within our in&out line: these are fabrics that we manufacture especially to withstand intensive outdoor use. They are very resistant fabrics, with a very high light fastness.

High light fastness means that the fabrics can be exposed to the sun for a long time without losing their original colour. This makes them perfect for outdoors, on terraces, patios or gardens; but also indoors, if they are in places where they receive direct sunlight coming through the window.

In addition, we have a wide selection of fabrics to which we apply a specific UV protection treatment to improve their light fastness. These fabrics are identified with the following logo:

All our in&out fabrics have a 3 year guarantee, are very high quality, with a soft and very natural feel. They are manufactured with very specific characteristics to ensure that they are easy to maintain and have a very durable lifespan.

At Jover we manufacture hundreds of in&out fabrics with a very high light fastness, you can see them in entering our fabric catalogue, filtering "by properties", selecting "UV resistant" and clicking "Apply filters".

Some of our fabrics with high light fastness are:

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in&out 17 | Plain, textured and geometric outdoor designs

IN&OUT 11 - Libro

in&out 17 Book

Our in&out 17 book contains a huge variety of textures and colours divided into five collections: Cannes, Sha, Acqua Plain, Meltemi Plain and Mistral. These are fabrics with very specific characteristics to withstand intensive use, both outdoors and indoors. All fabrics in the in&out 17 book have a very high resistance to abrasion and pilling; their light fastness is also very high, they retain their colour even when are exposed to the sun for a long time; they also include fabrics finished with TEFLON, which prevents stains and liquids; and WaterProof fabrics, which protect furniture and cushion fillings. In addition to their excellent technical characteristics, which make these fabrics perfect for intensive outdoor and indoor use, they also have elegant designs that are very easy to combine.

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Our founder, Francisco Jover Pérez, passed away


Last Monday the 5th of July 2021, Francisco Jover Pérez, founder and soul of the JOVER Group companies, passed away at the age of 90.

A tireless entrepreneur, since 1965 he was able to forge the family business in which more than 120 people work today, and which incorporates the brands JOVER, KA International, Maison Decor, in&out, Armando Ferre and FUSA.

His life has been dedicated to his family and his company, something that has been present until the last moment. His sons and grandsons will continue his legacy.

Rest in peace.

In&out 19 Book | Sidi, Sultan and Meltemi Panamá collections

IN&OUT 11 - Libro
Sidi UV TEFLON Collection

The Sidi collection is in our in&out 19 book. It is available in 13 different colours to combine it anywhere. It is a fabric with a jacquard texture, with a rough touch, very natural and very pleasant.

Our Sidi fabrics look great on cushions, mats and upholstery. Like all the fabrics in our in&out 19 book, the Sidi collection has a very high abrasion resistance (over 100,000 Martindale cycles), light fastness and pilling resistance. It also has a treatment to protect its colour from UV rays and it has TEFLON to protect the fabric from any liquids or stains.


IN&OUT 19: Sidi, sultan and meltemi panamá

Our fabrics Sultan, Meltemi Panama and Sidi are the stars of our in&out 19 book. They are fabrics with a very high resistance, specially designed and manufactured to withstand intensive use both outdoors and indoors.

Their resistance to abrasion is very high, over 100,000 Martindale cycles; their light fastness is also very high and their dyeing has a special treatment to protect them from UV rays; they have TEFLON to protect them from liquids and stains; they are also 100% polyester for easy maintenance. All these features make them perfect for intensive outdoor use, but also for indoor use because the designs are very elegant and they are available in many different colours.

 Colección Mistral


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