CONTRACT by Jover | FR and technical fabrics

At CONTRACT by Jover we are specialists in FR and technical fabrics for public places and hotels, both for curtains and upholstery. High resistance and easy to clean fabrics. Also outdoor fabrics with high lightfastness.

The current legal regulation includes strict fire safety standards and Jover has developed a wide FR collection made with fire-retardant materials.

The fire retardant properties of our fabrics are permanent and they are certified, complying with the main international standards such as:

EU Europe, M France, UNI Italy, BS UK, NFPA USA and IMO for cruise ships.

Its technical characteristics are certified by AITEX, an internationally recognized independent textile research institute.

The CONTRACT collection is very wide and has multiple applications:

  • Cushions in all formats and sizes
  • Traditional curtains
  • Technical curtains
  • Accesories
  • Upholstery
  • Bed clothing
  • Table cloths and runners
  • Furniture
  • Wallpaper

Being manufacturers allows us to offer fully customized solutions and services.
We have a Custom digital printing service by which you can create your own fabrics, and a Dyeing plant by which we can produce any special color for you.

  • In our Fabric Catalog, you can view all our available fabrics and technical specs classified by collections, colors, styles and more.

    In addition, you can request 15x20cm samples that will be shipped during the same day so that you can personally touch the fabric.

  • With our Virtual Decorator, ou can turn your ideas into virtual realities, placing the different fabrics on the different simulated products and seeing the result.

  • JoverDecó App for professionals

    With our online app you can manage your orders from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also estimate budgets, simulate your products with their different options, accessories and prices.

    You can create your own fabrics with our Custom digital printing service.

    Furthermore, you can check the availability of all fabrics in real time, prices and technical specs.

    You can also request samples of all fabrics and different catalogs.

    It has never been so easy to create your finished products, ready to place or hang. The highest quality at a very competitive price.

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Quality and safety guarantee | JOVER more than 50 years manufacturing fabrics in Spain

Learn more about the Jover Group and its longer than half a century manufacturing experience. We do all of the production processes in our vertically integrated production plant, where we have more than 29,000 square meters equipped with the latest technology available. We take care of the environment and have been awarded for our constant commitment to sustainability. We have the ISO 14001 certification. Working with Jover guarantees quality and safety.