DECOtexLAM project developed has been funded by CDTI and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

This research and development project began in June 2018 and has ended in September 2019, was aimed manufacturing multilayer fabrics for home textile sector through the lamination process. The project was structured in two distinct lines, functional outdoor fabrics and sound absorbing indoor fabrics, linked by the application of the lamination process as a nexus, although the second line included the use of sueding processes as an alternative way to expand the range of products to develop.

In the outdoor fabrics, laminated fabrics with water-repellent properties have been obtained by applying hydrophobic films, in fabrics with different structures and in the same base fabric which drawings were laminated. The second line of research has focused on obtaining interior fabrics with the ability to absorb sound to improve the quality of the environments.

Research work of DECOtexLAM project has been able to provide added value to the products developed, through the application of the lamination process incorporating new raw materials for outdoor fabrics and the process of laminating and / or sueding for sound absorbing fabrics, which will allow the company to increase the portfolio of products it offers and be part of more technical and specific market niches.

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